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"I was born to be a performer"

Dave Kirreh is a producer, lyricist and performer, born and raised in the intensity and extremities of the old city of Jerusalem. The city's people, politics and rich cultural heritage were organic inspirations that can be heard and felt in all aspects of his music.

His artistry and edgy performance character, constantly pushing boundaries, can be partly attributed to speaking 3 very culturally diverse languages, which all require specific personas, body language and behaviour when communicating in them. As a child, Dave felt a connection to US hip hop artists, using rap as an outlet to convey a message of frustration, anger, injustice, racism or even love.  A love of rock music has also been an influence on his musical landscape.

After fully recovering from serious health battles, which had forced him out of the scene for nearly 5 years, Dave got back on track to do what he lives for and started writing, producing and performing again.


Dave creates all his own beats working with other producers and performs with a live band.

In 2013, before his illness, Dave dropped his first track "Ya Quds'' a first step as a solo artist. He then recorded an EP “ Adrenalin” a fusion of hip-hop with Middle Eastern and Western styles, which is a constant theme in his composition.

''Hiz Brasak Hajji'' was dropped in 2018; shifting gear from a darker self-expression to a character that is full of energy and passion.

Dave’s whole “raison d’etre” is to use his musical talent to express day to day life on the streets he was raised on, in a way people everywhere can relate to, as well as to serve as a voice of a generation.


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Shows and Festivals

I make the crowd perform.

Dave has Performed in the biggest festivals locally, 3K to 8K People in a show: Taybeh Oktoberfest, Bethlehem live, Oktoberfest Shfa'Amr, PMX and many more


Signed with Universal Music Mena

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